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R56 and RF25 Dynapar / Northstar Resolvers for Reliance Automax DCS

Tamagawa and Tamagawa-Seiki have been the standard in heavy-duty resolvers for harsh environments. Now, Dynapar has introduced their own line of heavy-duty resolvers that compete head-on with Tamagawa, offering upgraded mounting and unsurpassed reliability. With a long history designing and building encoders and resolvers, Dynapar has taken their experience and developed the R56 and RF25 Series under the Northstar name. Not only do these new resolvers mount on the same footprint as a Tamagawa, but they incorporate a cast iron mounting foot, which is more durable and better able to resist vibration. The electronics in the new R56 and RF25 Series offers Dynapar’s state-of-the-art resolver components and software for years of reliable operation. Furthermore, because these are made in the USA, lead-times are only 1-2 weeks and pricing is very competitive. For more information, click on the link below, or give us a call at 205-942-3501.



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